Why Web-Impac

Why Web-Impac


Essential Reasons Why You Need Web-Impac

  • The ONLY Visual Website
    Evaluator on the Market
  • Show Your Visitors You Care
    What They Think
  • Gain Competitive Advantage
  • Instant Feedback and Live
    Consumer Input
  • Real Time Data Collection
    and Robust Analytics
  • Increase your Sales and
    Web Conversion Rates
  • Live Public Relations,
    Marketing, and Technical
  • Quick Easy Set Up

Your Website Visitor's First Impressions Are Key to Your Growth.

The look of your website makes a personal statement to the public about your credibility and trust-worthiness. That first impression sets the tone for your entire relationship with each new visitor and returning guest.

A strong first impression is often the difference between closing the deal or losing a sale. With Web-Impac you no longer need to wonder what your visitors think about your website appearance, usability, and call to return.

Web-Impac is a powerful measurement and analysis application that will help you take complete control of your customer’s experience and bring them back to your website again and again.

When you place the Web-Impac Star-Points Voter Button on your website, you give your visitors the opportunity to tell you exactly what they see and what they think about it.

No need to ask Cousin Betty, cajole an opinion out of your best friend or play the guessing game about how your website visitors perceive you. Now your buyers will be talking directly to you and giving you first hand, real-time feedback on your pages, products or services.

Our proprietary Star-Points Rating System uses input from the Star-Points Voter Button to provide raw data on visual reactions for any element, image, product, or service description on your website.

Gaining immediate feedback through our visitor response software will enable you to store, analyze and react in ways that allow you to be immediately responsive and strategically ahead of the competitive curve.

So, whether you are the leader of an IT team searching for a solution to increase conversion rates, a small business owner searching for a way to attract new customers, a CEO looking to entice new investors and employees, or an administrator seeking to increase staff morale, Web-Impac has a user solution that will engage and delight your audiences while providing you with important information.

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