Whether you are voting for a government official, Chairman of the Board or Class President, Web-Impac has an affordable software solution for voter authentication and security.  The time has arrived in which election technology exists that allow people to vote using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), cell phone, laptop, or tablet to cast a vote. (Click on the link above to find out more about “How our innovative voter software Works.)

In July of 2016, Web-Impac presented a groundbreaking example which fittingly showcases the ease of internet voting by creating what we called “The World Votes 2016:” Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump*. The World Votes is a unique Straw Poll designed to spark public interest and is by definition, a poll based on the honor system. Voting in our straw poll is now over, and the General Election has also occurred.

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*Please note, Web-Impac’s "The World Votes 2016" does not include the voter authentication we offer in our official voter systems. Also, Web-Impac does not support or advocate any candidate for office.