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Living in a visual world

“The customer experience is the most important part of a business transaction. Their first impression when they first enter your website, how it feels to them, its overall usability and its tone, could be the difference between an exceptional customer experience and one that doesn’t result in a sale.”

Sylvia Hampton, Co-Founder/President,
Web-Impac and CEO, Hampton Bates PR

The genesis of Web-Impac began in 2013, when Sylvia Hampton and her co-founder/brother, Eric Robinson, met for dinner one evening and the conversation quickly turned towards their two favorite topics: business and marketing.

As an entrepreneur and founder of several successful businesses, Eric understood the impact of a strong and convincing message, and with nearly three decades in public relations, Sylvia knew that branding through compelling graphics was a key component to a successful campaign. They both knew that good visuals could make a memorable impression; conveying powerful and even emotional messages that can sway a potential customer from a visitor on a website to a buyer of goods or services.

Soon, they were meeting regularly to discuss how to resolve the problem. Businesses were already spending tons of money driving people to their websites but no one was asking what those people were thinking once they got there. Did they like the look, the feel, the colors? Was it easy to navigate?

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