Silver annual subscription – 7 buttons


$46.75 / month for 12 months

Monthly Subscription Cost:

Bronze Plan Features Plus:

  • Included: Up to 5 Star-Points Buttons @ $5.95/mo each
  • Two additional metric inputs to enhance the Star-Point score
  • Quarterly Public Relations Newsletter
  • Access to viewer votes on your Private Dashboard


Silver / Power UP / $70/mo
Included: up to 5 Star-Point Buttons

Place the Web-Impac Silver Star Points Voter Button on your website to collect information from your visitors and customers about what they see when they visit your site. The Star Points Voter Button allows you to obtain raw data on the visual reactions from your visitors by capturing human data; with an emphasis on first impressions and immediate responses from your voters.

Web-Impac offers you a (password protected) Web-Impac Dashboard (WID). Your Dashboard results can be private or seen by the public. You can choose the Public Display Option on your Dashboard and allow your website visitors to see a continuously updated score on your Star Points Voter Button.

Introduced in the Web-Impac Silver Plan is our Star Points Message Box where you can receive “real-time” comments and messages from your voters while they’re voting. Voter messages can be retrieved from your Private Dashboard. Note: Messages are anonymous, at the discretion of the voter.

The Web-Impac Silver Plan includes additional options, such as other metrics to boost your website's overall score beyond the "Visual Metrics." You can log into your Dashboard and input your weekly or monthly sales numbers or check to see how many people have visited your site and how long they stayed on a particular page. These inputs can be added to your visual votes to provide supplementary information for your marketing, sales, and website teams.

The Web-Impac Silver Plan includes 5 Star-Points Voter Butttons. Up to five (5) additional buttons can be purchased for $5.75 per Voter per month depending on how many Voter Star-Points Voter Buttons are needed on your website. Up to 10 buttons per website are available for multiple placements throughout your site. Place a Star Points Voter Button on your homepage and other pages so your website visitors can vote on what they see. You can also attach a Star Points Voter Button to products/services and measure how customers rate them.

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