$75.50 / month for 12 months

Monthly Subscription Cost:

Bronze & Silver Plan Features Plus:

  • Included: 10 Star-Points Voter Buttons
  • Four additional metric inputs to enhance the Star-Point score
  • Monthly PR* professional visual assessment of your website, web pages, and products
  • 30 min per month of PR* consulting
  • Automatic entry into Web-Impac Awards Competition and 2 tickets to the Awards Dinner

*Hampton Bates Public Relations


GoldBusiness Advantage • $75.50/mo
Included: 10 Star-Points Voter Buttons

Place the Web-Impac GoldStar-Points Voter Button on your website to collect information from your visitors and customers about what they see when they visit your site. The Star-Points Voter Button allows you to obtain raw data on the visual reactions from your visitors by capturing human data; with an emphasis on first impressions and immediate responses from your voters.

The Web-Impac Gold Plan includes 10 Star-Points Voter Buttons, which can be placed on or adjacent to individual web pages, products and services.

With our Gold plan you get a (password protected) Web-Impac dashboard. The dashboard displays real time information on how people are visually reacting to your website. The dashboard identifies and separates each object within your plan being voted on. Applying proprietary algorithms the dashboard totals up to a single score. The score is instantly computed with every vote. It is a private tally and available only to the website owner. However should you choose the “Public Display Option” on your dashboard, you can turn it on, and allow the public to see the company’s total score results. See our Star-Points Voter Button display for more information.

This plan features the Star-Points Voter Button message box where your viewer’s can write-in comments while they’re voting. These messages can be retrieved from your Private Dashboard.

The Gold Plan offers more options, and additional metrics to boost your website's overall score beyond our essential visual reaction metrics. You can log into your Dashboard and input your weekly or monthly sales numbers or check to see how many people have visited your site and how long they have stayed on a particular page. These inputs can be added to your visual vote metrics to provide supplementary information for your marketing, sales, and website teams to consider.

Use our 10 voter buttons for multiple placements throughout your website. Place Star-Points Voter Buttons on your homepage and on other pages so your visitors can vote on what they see. You can also attach a Star-Points Voter Button next to various products and services to measure how customers see your individual products as well as your website pages.

Our staff of Public Relations website experts will visit your site on a regular basis. Gold Plan Subscribers are entitled to 30 minutes a month of Public Relations consultation services from our professional communication specialist. Web-Impac is owned by the prominent Public Relations firm of Hampton Bates. In collaboration with Web-Impac we can help you make decisions to improve your public image applying the information gathered from the software we provide.

Buying this plan, your website is eligible for entry into the prestigious Web-Impac Awards Competition and you are also invited to the Awards Dinner. These awards are given out to the most graphically innovative and visually aesthetic websites in the world. Hope to see you there.

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