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From: $12.95

Monthly Subscription Cost:

  • Included: 1 Star-Points Voter Button.
  • Access your voter results from a password protected, Private Dashboard.
  • Our unique Public Display Option on/off switch. You can decide when to display voter results on your site.
  • Add additional Star-Points voter buttons to measure public reaction to a page, product or service for just $5.95/mo each as part of your subscription, up to 10 buttons total.
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BronzeStart Up • $12.95/mo
Includes: 1 Star-Points Voter Button

Place the Web-Impac Bronze Star-Points Voter Button on your website and collect valuable information about what your web visitors and customers see when they visit your site. The Star-Points Voter Button allows you to obtain raw data by measuring visual reaction from your visitors. This plan is a tool for capturing important human data; with an emphasis on the first impressions from your viewers.

The Web-Impac Bronze Plan includes 1 Star-Points Voter Button. Additional voter buttons can be purchased. Up to a total of 10 voter buttons can be placed on or adjacent to individual web pages, products and services. With this plan you get one button, each additional buttons will cost $5.95 per month and added to your monthly subscription price.

With our Bronze plan you get a (password protected) Web-Impac dashboard. The dashboard displays real-time information on how people are visually reacting to your website. The dashboard identifies and separates each object within your plan being voted on. Applying proprietary algorithms the dashboard totals up to a single score. The score is instantly computed with every vote. It is a private tally and available only to the website owner. However should you choose the "Public Display Option" on your dashboard, you can turn it on, and allow the public to see the company’s total score results. See our Star-Points Voter Button display for more information.

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