Management Team

Sylvia Hampton

Co-Founder & President

From the cobblestone streets of Boston to the celebrity-studded red carpets in LA and back to the bright lights of New York City, word on the street is that Sylvia Hampton is the “go-to” person for stellar public relations and marketing services. Not only is she co-founder of Web-Impac but she’s led New England-based Hampton Bates Public Relations for more than 12 years, handling exclusive accounts with some of the world’s largest organizations including the World Bank and Harvard University.

Her expertise in fundraising as well as her capacity for accurately pairing venture capitalists with innovative, successful new projects and businesses has given her a unique insight into what it takes to move any project from idea to startup to success.

Captain Eric Robinson

Co-Founder & ChiefStrategy Officer

Not everyone can say that they’ve done business with President Bill Clinton, Senator Ted Kennedy, and former Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka. Captain Eric Robinson is one of those rare people who can say that he has. As co-founder of Web-Impac, Eric is often touted as a brilliant entrepreneur who has a keen mind for technical details acquired from his life-long passion for all things aviation.

As a former Test Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Chief Pilot, FAA Director of Operations, among many other aviation activities, Eric brings his skills of clear thinking and processing data that allow him to take the complex concepts needed in the highly technical field of application development and see them brought into the reality of a product that can enhance a business’ brand.