According to Cambridge-English Dictionary “Intelligence; is the ability to understand, learn, and form judgments based on reason.” Web-Impac’s Business Intelligence Software gives you the opportunity to evaluate your company's products and services in real-time while at the same time giving you significant insight and understanding of your customers' motivations and an edge over competitors. Through our proprietary apps, your business can gain vital customer data quickly; empowering you to make critical business decisions to plan successfully and forecast sales.

In addition to the significant data, you will obtain using our BI software, as a Web-Impac business client, you are offered an opportunity to partner with our business consultant experts. Through this unique partnership, you can make the most of our BI Tools; keeping you ahead of customer and market trends. Our philosophy is to build comparison software systems that make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to respond.

We make gaining consumer opinion and participation easy.  If you ask most customers to fill out a probing survey, they will most likely ignore you. With our Web-Impac Business Intelligence software, you instead, capture what your customer wants--ensuring a response from a customer who is otherwise unlikely to participate in a lengthy survey.

See our Product Comparison platform as an example of a Business Intelligence Software tool or view our Platinum Plan for the additional services we provide.